Activities of SETS

The activities can be broadly classified into four verticals

  • Cryptology Research Group

  • Hardware Security Research Group

  • Network Security Research Group

  • Security Product Development and Training

SETS follows the FARES concept in these streams

  • F - Fundamental: Provides the capability to SETS for effective technology forecasting and facilitates applied research.

  • A - Applied: SETS works with its partners and collaborators on specific projects to develop crypto system prototypes for Information Security.

  • R - Research: Fundamental and Applied

  • E - Education: Education activities are a dissemination tool for SETS to ensure that the generated knowledge is available to a wider audience

  • S - Security Consulting: Is a means to utilize the knowledge-base generated by fundamental/applied research activities, to provide solutions to      the Government and corporate sectors.


We have signed several MoUs and formed Collaborations with leading technical institutions to jointly pool our resources to develop technologies for information and network security . These include:

  • Institute of Mathematical Science(IMSc) , Chennai.

  • Indian Statistical Institute(ISI) , Chennai.

  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras(IITM),Chennai.

  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia.

  • Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications(IAIK),TU Graz, Austria.

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